PDF-Signature (accessible positioning)

This service enables the specification of the signature position via form fields.

PDF uses a two dimensional cartesian coordinate system. Therefore, the position is defined by a point with two coordinates X and Y. X specifies the horizontal and Y the vertical distance from a fixed point of origin. The point of origin is in the lower left corner.

( A4 Page 29,7 x 21 cm bzw. PDF coordinates 842 x 595 )

Upload is necessary only for signing process. The uploaded file will not be saved or processed after signing.

Details for signaturposition

If "On page" is AUTO the signature will be placed automatically. The signature will be placed at a free position at the end of the given page, if only a page number is provided. If there is not enough space to place the signature on the given page, the signature is places on the last page of the document or a new page if there is also not enough space on the last page. If an identifier is specified for a placeholder, the signature block is positioned on it, if available.

Placeholder for positioning

You can use QR code based placeholder images as convenient way to position signatures in your PDF document. Just embed in your PDF document a placeholder image at the preferred signature position. During signature creation, the placeholder image is replaced by your signature.

If you want to position more than one signature in a document, you need to encode the order, in which placeholders are replaced by signatures, directly in the placeholder image in the form of a placeholder ID. Find below an easy way to generate placeholders for this purpose. Just enter your preferred language and an ID for the placeholder. From your entries, a placeholder image (QR code) is generated automatically, which you then can embed in your PDF document. The order, in which placeholders are replaced by signatures during signature creation, is defined by the alphabetical order of the defined placeholder IDs.


QR Placeholder